Thursday, April 30, 2009

Fifi returns - faggier than ever!!! HUGE update with 8 vids!

Greetings everyone! Apologies for so long without an entry but I think you'll be pleased when you see what we have to offer up today and early next week.

Fifi le Faggot is back, and the little black cock obsessed bitch is hornier than ever!!!

Below you will find a big bunch of photos and at the bottom EIGHT videos of the bitch. The photos show a number of good outfits so you see that the faggot is working hard to become visually pleasing to the BLACK MEN she wants soooooooooo badly to please!

The videos show the faggot in a good variety of situations and training scenarios that we are putting this sissy whore through! Enjoy them and please do leave comments with your thoughts, ideas, and suggestions for the little queer slut!

ALSO -- yours truly, Mr. Frost, will be training and using and abusing little Fifi this evening for a good number of hours. Photos and videos shall about and by the end of the night we'll have a swishier, faggier, more obedient sissyslut than ever before!!


--- Mr. Frost