Thursday, November 5, 2009


Greetings all,

Time to post some more of our little black cock obsessed faggot's photos and videos. I'll be working fifi over tomorrow night so we'll have even more super\ humiliating material to expose the faggot with!

BIG NEWS -- my cam training sessions with fifi slut are now open for viewing. If you wish to view the sissyslut while I train her you may do so. No interaction with us in chat yet, but that will most likely happen for some as I get to know people a bit. IF YOU ARE A DOMINANT BLACK MAN WHO LIKES SISSIES AND CAN PROVE IT, YOU MAY HAVE PRIVILEDGES MUCH SOONER AND EASIER!

Email me or IM me at meet_mr_frost if you want to view and/or participate.

Meanwhile, enjoy the new pics and vids, and we'd love some comments!

THE Mr. Frost